I didn’t manage to get myself out of bed at 6am to watch it live so had to wait for the replay in the afternoon. I’m glad I didn’t because I found it a particularly frustrating race. The race was pretty repetitive after the start. Fishyfella (Fisichella) always looked like he was going to win. The cock up in qualifying with refuelling limited Alonso’s chances. The final result was Fishyfella, Alonso and Button. 

I’m not a fan of Fishyfella. He’s a bit too wishy washy and inconsistent for my liking, lacking in character. I’ll give him his due though, he didn’t really put a foot wrong the entire weekend. Alonso got off to a cracking start to go from 7th to 3rd. Kimi was tagged by the incompetent Klien before the end of the first lap. The result of which caused Kimi’s rear suspension to fail and he flew off the track backwards. Montoya just didn’t have the pace for various reasons and ended up nearly 40 seconds adrift of Fishyfella.

Rosberg’s initial promise from qualifying 3rd was unfortunately short lived. He hesitated at the start and lost several places. Then the Cosworth engine in his Williams let go just 6 laps later. Webber met the same fate on lap 15. Button had a lacklustre race with his Honda just not up to the pace of the Renaults. I think he was lucky to finish 3rd. I was impressed though with Massa finishing 5th after starting 21st. He even did a good job at keeping Michael at bay on the closing laps.

I did however, find Saturday qualifying entertaining. I managed to watch it properly this time. Overall conclusion, I like it, the new format works for the most part. What I felt didn’t work was the final 20 minute session. Filling the cars up with race fuel and then watching them drive round for 15 minutes before putting in fast laps seemed a little pointless. As was suggested in the commentary it would be better as another 15 minute shoot out. 

I’m also not keen on the engine penalties. I can understand the idea of making an engine last so many races but I think it would be better to fine the teams instead. Putting drivers back 10 places makes it confusing and difficult to work out the final grid.

I read quite a few blogs last week and talk of Toyota seemed popular. At first I couldn’t see why, but I suspect its down to their popularity in Champ Cars. They have the biggest budget in F1 but they’re just no where (well ok, 8th and 9th isn’t too shabby but 8 cars retired!). The two drivers they have are a yawn fest. I don’t much like Ralph Schumacher. I feel it got into F1 because of his brother and Trulli isn’t worth his salt either. As Martin Brundle aptly pointed out Michael Schumacher, Villeneuve and Massa overtook him easily. Quite what he’s up to, I don’t know.

So whilst it wasn’t that entertaining, the end result was good for Honda and Renault. Onwards and upwards to the next race in Australia in two weeks time.

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