How utterly depressing it would be if Graeme Dott beats Ronnie O’Sullivan. Its bad enough that Peter Ebdon is in the final. Neither Peter or Graeme have any real flare when it comes to playing snooker, they’re so incredibly boring to watch.

Peter especially, he is so slow. Its painful! I’m astounded that Ebdon is a previous world champion. I think he just bored Stephen Hendry to tears, who then let him win. Actually Hendry was shocking that year (2002) in the final. He missed so many easy shots.

Anyway, I can only hope Ronnie wakes out his slumber and makes some kind of comeback. Unfortunately I can’t see it. The score is 16-8, with Dott needing just one frame! Ronnie is in one of inconsistent moods, thinking more about god knows what, than snooker. His cue tip problems probably haven’t helped either. I saw a frankly bizarre clip earlier this afternoon where he just sat staring at one of the camera’s pulling faces instead of watching the table. He didn’t even notice it was his turn.

Its so damn frustrating watching him when he goes off the boil. When he’s on form, its stunning to watch. He makes the sport look so easy. Oh well, I don’t think we’ll be treated to that this evening though.

If (more likely when) Graeme gets to the final, I’d prefer him to win. I feel sorry for anyone thats bought tickets for the final, it looks set to be an utter yawn fest. I nearly did!

Edit: Buggeration, Dott got through, 17-11.

By Paul

One thought on “World Snooker Championship coming to a close”
  1. […] Regardless of what Steve Davis said in commentary, it was very, very tedious, as I predicted it would be, but the end result was good. Dott isn’t exactly the most fluent of players, but he was able to slowly chip away at the score line. It was looking like a really late finish (like 2am+) at one point what with Ebdon coming back, thankfully Dott stopped the rot. […]

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