Schumacher well and truly beat Alonso last Sunday. I thought that Alonso was in with a chance after the first pit stop, but when it came to the second, Schumacher put in some stunningly fast laps to put him out ahead of Alonso after his second stop.

I didn’t really watch it due to doing college work at the same and since I’m writing this a few days after the event, my muddled brain doesn’t really remember a great deal. Which probably says a lot for the race!

From a non-Ferrari fan point of view, it was a frustrating race, but Alonso did what he needed to do again. Held his nerve and collected 8 more points. I reckon its that consistency that’ll help win him a second championship. Although it is worrying that Ferrari now has the fastest cars out there.

I think the advantage will swing back in Alonso’s favour at the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend, what with home advantage but also it being an aero track which suits the Renault.

I had to laugh at one of Martin Brundle’s classic catch phrases. Poor old Klien suffered “a box of neutrals”, which pretty much continues his awful season. Five races and three retirements, ouch!

There’s a very good race summary over on the Sun Blogs from Paul Humphrey’s. His blog also has some really cool photos.

By Paul

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