Oh bugger. Looks like I was wrong about the strong Ferrari performance at Indy being a blip. It looks like they’re well and truly back. Schumacher looked to coasting out front with plenty in reserve. It’s ominous for the rest of the season, but equally it’ll make for an exciting championship.

Alonso, made a good save in taking second place after a bad start. Massa did a good job in keeping him back in the opening laps but the switch over in strategy to get Alonso ahead, by changing from a three to two stop run, was an excellent move.

Overall though, it was a pretty boring race. Button had a terrible weekend just like in Silverstone, starting from 19th. To then have his engine go, as it did for Barrichello, put to rest a terrible weekend. You’ve got to hand to Jenson though, he is remaining upbeat and shrugging off, what is now getting to be annoying, the media’s questions of if he is looking at leaving Honda. He seems determined to continue on at Honda, and rightly so. With the investment Honda is making it’s hard not to see them succeeding.

Williams poor run continued. The back left tyres on both Webber and Rosberg’s cars were delaminating due a problem with excess load and overheating. Impressive to watch, but dangerous to drive with hence them both retiring.

As to Montoya’s sudden move to Nascar? Oh. To me it always seemed that he was never fully committed to Formula One. Obviously he deserved to be there, his previous track record in CART proved that, but a serious of odd incidents (like his “tennis” injury) and the uptight culture of Formula One didn’t really help.

Next up is Hockenheim in Germany. Renault have some upgrades due then so should make for an interesting race.

By Paul

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