After much persuasion (i.e. none) I bought LocoRoco today for the PSP. Vondur had pointed me to the demo a while back and I loved it. The full game has to be the gaming equivalent of crack in UMD form. I’ve played it just over two hours and I’m now on the third world (out of five I think).

 LocoRoco1 LocoRoco2

It’s basically a puzzle / action game where you play the part of a LocoRoco (the small yellow blobs, although you do meet friends that are in different colours). Their world has been invaded by various Kojya, Mojya, Oiya and other characters who have scared the LocoRoco’s away and your job is to group them all back up again.

 LocoRocoMojya LocoRocoMusukusu

You don’t directly control them, but tilt the level instead. It’s in 2D perspective and levels move about 30 degrees left or right. The levels have all sorts of weird and wonderful contraptions that either help or hinder your progress.

LocoRoco3 LocoRoco4

It’s totally bizarre with a very quirky sense of humour. Watching the LocoRoco’s singing for the first time is hilarious. If you want an idea of what it’s like, try out the flash LocoRoco site. The navigation through it is pretty much like the game.

Anyhoo, I’d better get back to it, I’ve got LocoRoco’s to save!

By Paul

4 thought on “Damn you Vondur (again)”
  1. I’ve got in no particular order: Ridge Racer, Wipeout Pure, Lumines, Worms Open Warfare, Mercury, LocoRoco, Midway Classics and F1 2006.

    Games I’d recommend… depends on what you like. Out of that lot I’d say Ridge Racer and Lumines.

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