Given everyone seems to be messing about with it at the moment, I thought why not join in! Yep, this post is written with Windows Live Writer. Hmm… I’m not quite sure what’s with the default setting for the view. It appears to have downloaded parts of my site and put it as a background… but as you can see from this screenshot it’s a mess.


Changing the view to Normal instead of the Web Layout gets round that hurdle.

That said I do like the Web Preview option:


Annoyingly I can’t seem to align the above pictures in the centre. I only have text wrapping options of left, right or inline. I’d the ability to ignore all that and align it…

like the text in the sentence like you would a paragraph.

Actually the alignment shortcuts of ALT+L, ALT+R, ALT+E don’t work either, like do in Word (and BlogJet). Oh and I can’t pick .png images, only .gif and .jpg. I tend to do all my screen shots (excluding the above) as png’s.

I’m not keen on the initial set up either. It was able to detect I’m using WordPress but it wasn’t obvious to me as to what info it wanted. The first page of the wizard wanted the address for my blog but there was no indication that it was going to work out what I was using.

BlogJet takes a different approach asks you the type of blog engine you use to start with and then fills in all the relevant settings. A far more obvious way of doing things. It’s got some nice addictions but the basic fundamentals for editing aren’t there yet. However if they sort those out, I can see unfortunately BlogJet losing a lot of business. Back to BlogJet for the time being me thinks.

Edit: I have subsequently used BlogJet to edit this post since I had typos and also WLW was soooo slow at updating an existing post.

By Paul

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  1. […] I posted early on my initial thoughts on Windows Live Writer and how it’s a bit lacking in comparison to what I normally use, BlogJet. Dmitry Chestnykh, BlogJet’s author, posted on his blog about the similarities between WLW and BlogJet. Unfortunately because his native language isn’t English (it’s Russia) he used terminology that a few people seem to have taken the wrong way. Saying WLW is a rip-off is bit over the top when they are just similarities, but you can easily understand what he means. […]

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