Websites that make me sign up just to download trial versions of their software, that annoys me. Unless their software is amazingly fantastic they’ve already done a good job of putting me off. At most I’ll give out my name and email address, but when they start asking for my address, shoe size and how I like my eggs (fried, sunny side up) I have to ask, why? I just want to try your software, I don’t need the Spanish Inquisition… and no I didn’t expect it.

I downloaded two apps last weekend, Macromedia Fireworks and Ulead VideoStudio, and both wanted my blood… erm.. sorry full contact details. I’ll pass thanks. Of course, there are ways and means of avoiding this, and this is where comes to the rescue. A quick look up on there got me round that hurdle.

As it turns out, Fireworks is a really nice app, where as VideoStudio is not so nice. But that’s another story.

By Paul

2 thought on “Things that annoy me – #532”
  1. Yep, it’s very tempting. It’s funny but it’s always big companies that do it. Small companies that have useful little apps to sell seem to make it as easy as possible to download stuff.

    Perhaps it’s because their marketing departments (if they have one!) haven’t taken over yet and demanded they collect people’s info beforehand.

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