Ah crap, Schumacher 10 points, Alonso 0. What an utterly depressing weekend for anyone who isn’t a Ferrari or Schumacher fan. Was Alonso’s 5 place penalty a fix? Hard to say. I just think the run of bad luck has now switched in Renaults favour instead of Ferrari.

You have to hand it to Alonso though, he pushed really hard to get up to third, but that extra effort helped nuked his engine. Schumacher put in a pretty flawless weekend from start to finish. He might not have qualified on pole (Kimi did), but he was odds on favourite to take the win.

The next three races, China, Japan and Brazil, now make up a mini World Championship. Alonso’s lead in the drivers championship is down to 2 points, just in front of Michael on 106. Whilst in the constructors, Ferrari are now on 168 points, 3 ahead of Renault. It’s certainly all to play for.

Also on the plus side, Schumacher retires in 3 races time. Homer, if you please…

[gv data=”http://www.youtube.com/?v=KnnXKz3lzmM”][/gv]

Perhaps it wasn’t such a bad weekend after all?!

By Paul

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