Where should I begin? Well I’m Paul Healey, I live in the sunny North of England with my wife to be, Kate (just married in Italy in September 2006). I earn a crust by programming mainly in Borland Delphi, an Object Orientated Pascal based language. I’ve been working for almost seven years at my current employer developing energy management software.

I’m a big fan of Delphi based apps, as you’ll see. I’ve also just finished my BS.c. in Internet and Information Technology, done part-time over two years at Blackburn College.

If you feel the urge to contact me directly, you can do via the magic of email:

Me email address

Yes, the typo is delibrate

You have a blog, so you must have cats?

Correct! We have two in fact, who are mad. Completely mad. They’re called Weebl and Bob… yes after the interweb cartoon. Bob is actually known as Petrified Bobcat because he’s scared of most things, although that’s probably got more to do with him having a lucky escape with a car when he was younger. And speaking of cars, Weebl likes to sit on top of them, not just our cars, oh no, the neighbours… and anyone else stupid enough to park it on our street for more than 5 minutes. Cute little bugger though. I’ve set up a gallery with various pictures of them.

Pauked.com, what’s that?

Pauked.com doesn’t have any meaning as such. The name Pauk is a typo of Paul which I used to get called a lot on IRC. Then when we switched networks, the nick Paul was already taken, so I changed to Pauk. Apparently Pauk is Russian for spider. I hate spiders. Ugh. Pauke is German for kettledrum. I do, however, like kettledrums.

This humble website runs on a crusty but so far reliable Pentium 3 tucked away in our living room behind the sofa is hosted by SiteGround on one of their many super fast Dell Linux boxes. College has helped reignite my interest in programming and general computer tinkering. This website is result of said tinkerage.

I used run a website called MultiPlayerQuake (or MPQ for short) many moons ago, long before fancy PHP blog systems like this existed. I certainly wouldn’t recommend going to that domain now… The site reviewed custom maps for Quake (not Quake 2, Quake 3 Arena or Quake 1 Super Mega Classic Edition, but the Quake). I continued the site from a chain of other people and ran it for a few years until my heart just wasn’t in it. There are only so many ways to describe a map!

I have registered a domain for an archive site to be put up, which will be called MPQArchive, but its a running joke that I say “it’ll be ready soon!” (I’ve had the domain over 3 years, re-registered it once). I’ve recently rewritten the site in PHP and put it back online as an archive. I have kept in touch with some of the “lunatics” from the Quake community via IRC, because they are really nice, shiny, cuddly people. Maybe not as cuddly as Weebl, but close! For some reason I create the monthly stats for their main chatroom, #terrafusion.

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