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Useful Utils #5 – Darik’s Boot and Nuke

Now this is a fun little app! We had some old boxes in the office that needing nuking before taking them off to be recycled and I remembered I’d seen a post on LifeHacker a while back on it. It’s incredibly simple to use. You’ve got a few options as to how to run it, but […]

Useful Utils #4 – TrueCrypt

If you’re a paranoid, mistrusting type or just someone who has a vested interest in keeping your data secure, then this will certainly be of use.

TrueCrypt can create a virtual encrypted disk wi…

Useful Utils #3 – Keepass

Passwords, pin numbers, keycodes and pass phrases. The bane of modern life. Bill Gates might be wanting to do away with them with InfoCard , but its going to be a little while longer until we have tha…

Useful Utils #2 – ZTreeWin

This is a bit of an old school one. I’ve been using ZTreeWin and its predecessor XTreeGold for well over 10 years. It looks like a DOS program you say? Well thats the idea. ZTreeWin is the Windows ver…

Useful Utils #1 – SlickRun

I thought I’d waffle on about what apps and utils that I find useful. It’ll be in no particular order, just what springs to mind. So for my first useful util I’ve chosen is something I use everyday, almost all the time. Its SlickRun from Bayden Systems. Essentially its a floating command line that allows […]

FeedDemon 2.0 Out!

One of my favouritest programs, FeedDemon , officially went to version 2 a couple of days ago after quite a long beta period. FeedDemon is an RSS reader that works kind of like Outlook. Its a stunning…