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For full details on when, where and any rules please read the FAQ.

Speed Mapping FAQ
Whats all this about then?
The idea came from a dicussion in #terrafusion about speedmapping for Quake 3 Arena. There is already a site on Telefragged called the Speed Mappers Guild for Q3A speedmapping and we thought why not do the same for Quake? And this little old site is the result.

How can I get involved?
On any GamesNET IRC server pop into #SpeedQ1.

When are the sessions run?
Every Saturday at 8pm GMT (3pm EST).

How do these sessions work?
In the aforementioned channel, #SpeedQ1, we have a bot (sometimes) that allows you to register yourself with it and it then keeps track of the time remaining during the session.

After a session the maps are usually sent to myself and I then compile them into one zip file with a text file and upload them to the site. If I'm not there someone else in the channel can take care of that and I'll sort out the site end of it later on.

We then play the maps on a server which Cybear usually runs. You will need the latest copy of Quakeworld (2.33-0005) and you can download it here (549 kb) if you do not have it.

What rules are there?
6 as it starts at the moment.

1. Nothing is to be pre-made, no prefabs, no designs created before hand. You must make your map from scratch within the time limit. You can think up a idea for map but must not write it down on paper/create it on computer. You can also create prefabs in the time limit and use them to build your map.
2. There is a set time limit in which to make your map in.
3. The map will be of a set game type. Eg: Deathmatch, Single Player, etc.
4. After 75% of the time has been completed no more brushwork may be added to a map. The remaining 25% of the time available must then be spent on placing entities and fixing any bugs in your map. This is to make sure your map will be playable and hopefully bug free.
5. For a deathmatch level there must be at least four deathmatch starts! For a single player map a normal player start would be good ;).
6. Grenade launchers are not allowed in deatmatch levels. The reason is very simple, this just reduces play to grenade spamming which makes it boring and annoying to play.

What is the normal time limit on a session?
For packs 1 to 7 its been 60 minutes, but we're now using a 100 minute limit.

Can I submit a map that isn't done in the session?
Yes, 3 people have done that so far and I usually include them in the next pack.

What about cheating?
Yes, what about it? :P Seriously though, this is all done for fun so if someone feels like cheating then it is their own lose. We don't have anything at stake here, its done purely for enjoyment factor.

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